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About the game

Competitive Multiplayer Arcade Gameplay

Fight online for fame and glory in the arena! Learn to read your opponent's moves to hit the right spot and dodge incoming attacks in order to decapitate your opponent and win!

No VR Headset? No Problem! Be a Spectator!

Jousting Time is the first ever competitive VR game that allows non-VR online players to interact in the arena!

Join the Feast to Chat and Duel Other Jousters!

Walk around the virtual Feast and challenge anyone who looks at you the wrong way!

Learn To Joust in VR!

Control your horse with the left hand, manoeuvre your weapon with the right and gain speed by yelling at your horse through the VR headset!

Present on every desktop VR platform!

Live this unique experience on any VR platform, allowing every VR enthusiast to enjoy the game!

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Who we are

You might be wondering who we are! While being a way better weapon than catapults, Trebuchet is also a group of passionate developers. We are the team behind the game Prison Boss VR, a VR crafting game putting players in a jail cell based on their roomscale-space and making use of the motion controllers to make each craft a unique sequence of gestures.